BISSELL Clean View Bagless Upright Vacuum with OnePass Technology

Bissell Clean View is a bagless upright vacuum featuring One Pass Technology to provide simple and efficient cleaning. This vacuum is fully corded with lightweight advantage for easy and comfortable usage. You will be able to vacuum to pick whatever the mess you need to remove. The suction is very powerful to get more and more vacuuming task done.

Bissell Clean View is equipped with an innovative brush design that can get rid of debris from the surface. This bagless 1330 features Bottom Easy Empty dirt tank and a washable foam filter. The maintenance is super easy and straightforward to do. All other attachments are designed to work best for a successful vacuuming.

One Pass Technology


The vacuum cleaner is meant to be producing powerful suction to get excellent cleaning result. Bissell Clean View is outfitted with powerful One Pass Technology that provides super suction. Now you can do quite a tough vacuuming using non-stop suction to pick any debris and dirt or dust easily. The plus point is an innovative brush design to clean more from a surface. The very efficient and convenient vacuuming experience you will have for sure with this powerful vacuuming device.

Turbo Brush Tool

turbo-brush-tool for Bissell Clean ViewTo finish the whole house vacuuming, you require some unique and cool features that can sort your cleaning problem out easily from places to places as Bissell 1330 is equipped with. Bissell Bagless Upright Vacuum comes with Turbo Brush Tool to perform fantastic cleaning on stairs, furniture, upholstery and more. You can easily maneuver the tool on various surfaces like the sofa to pick up dirty and stupid pet hair. Other disgusting debris from different furniture could easily be removed by this cool Turbo Brush Tool. And the Easy Empty Dirt Tank is pretty large that can hold much dirt and dust for the time being and let you vacuum as long as you need.

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Why YOU CHOOSE this product?
The super power and constant suction are surely the main reason that you go for Bissell 1330. This is evident that we need a vacuum cleaner with absolutely reliable suction for super cleaning.
Second should be the entire features box with the lightweight advantage which will allow carrying with comfort and convenience.


One Pass Technology for super nonstop suction
Turbo Brush Tool
Bottom Easy Empty Dirt Tank
Washable Foam Filter
Multi-level Filtration
Lightweight Design
Long-lasting Cyclonic System


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Editorial Comments

Bissell Clean View Bagless Upright is quite efficient vacuum cleaner for heavy task with comfortability. We have gathered some user’s experiences to make our judgment and some necessary comments that will aid you to select the best choice of your required vacuum cleaner.

Majority users talked about nonstop super suction is real for this Bissell 1330, the result is incredible on stairs and other surfaces. A user from church says that experiences is high with gratitude for having this powerful product that helps to vacuum long time and large areas including hard-to-reach places.

Some users are pretty excited for having quite efficient tools and attachments for various cleaning purposes that help them to do their tough cleaning task in a possible easiest way. Some other users are happy about the price which seems to be affordable for them.

We recommend that Bissell 1330 is powered with One Pass Technology to offer nonstop suction to do tough yet simple vacuuming task. The quality of this vacuum cleaner is quite decent as for the excellent performance.


To make final verdict, we find it very simple and easy to announce that you can go for Bissell 1330 with zero stress whatsoever. Look at the awesome and cool yet very efficient and reliable tools and attachments that are designed to provide the best performance of vacuuming.

Our candid recommendation is to meet you requirement first then make your mind for Bissell 1330 as this is your call. Overall, you will no way be disappointed rather be happy and we are pretty certain that you will get this to get your nasty cleaning job.


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