Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Corded Vacuum Review

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Corded Vacuum Review 33A1

Corded vacuum cleaners offer endless power for vacuuming your messy areas or places. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser created a handheld corded vacuum that uses the cyclone cleaning system. Including upholstery, stairs, floor this powerful unit provides fantastic vacuum cleaning solutions.

It is designed to pick pet hair around the house; and from experience I want to say the result is outstanding, and performance is pretty fast and quick. The whole unit come rubber contour nozzle that gives an effective performance of removing dirt and pet hair from stairs, sofa, and other upholstery.

In addition, Bissell Pet Hair 33A1 is equipped with another nozzle which is hard and designed to get rid of the dry messes from places like inside of the automobiles. Well, to use this you can simply press down the round nozzle release button and snap the new one into right place.

The good news is the lightweight design which less than 4 pound is offering you the more cleaning solution with comfort usage. Now you can happily suck the stubborn messes effortlessly and comfortably.

It has a quite easy-grip handle and fingertip-access on/off switch. Moreover, pleated post motor filer, a filter screen, and a 16-foot long power cord with cord wrap system are included with this powerful vacuum cleaner.

The whole unit is pretty small in size with the performance of little devil machine. The suction is honestly powerful, can suck faster. But to get the maximum suction performance, the dirt container should be emptied after each use.

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Two Different Specialized Nozzles

et Hair Eraser Handheld VacuumAs bissell pet hair eraser 33A1 vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to provide super suction while vacuuming, the nozzles here are designed for two different effective performances. Basically, we got different nozzle: flexible rubber nozzle and a hard nozzle. Both are pretty effective in performance.

Flexible rubber nozzle is basically designed to get rid of dirt and pet hair effectively from upholstery and stairs. I find it absolutely effective as well as convenient while using. On the other hand, the hard nozzle works for cleaning the dry messes or the inside of automobiles.

The assembling is simple and easy to attach. Obviously, you need to know how otherwise, the slight mistake my create big problem. The thing you have to do is to press down the round nozzle-release button and snap the thingy in. That’s it.

Small, Lightweight Design

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld VacuumAs bissell pet hair eraser 33A1 is small in size that gives you sort of relief while carrying all around the house. And being small, it weighs less than four pound. But don’t for its look; it is powerful with effective tools and technology. The engineers from Bissell industry created 33A1 in a lightweight formula.

Now it gives comfortable usage. While vacuuming, I feel pretty convenient using this powerful vacuuming machine. The cleaning task is pretty easy and quick to finish. The easy-grip handle allows to smoothly grasping with comfort.     

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Benefits and Specifications
Powered with 4 Amps Powerful Motor: Super Suction Quality.
Two Different Specialized Nozzles: Rubber Nozzle & Hard Nozzle.
Multi-Layer Filtration: Simple and Easy.
Longer Power Cord: Sixteen-Feet Long.
Lightweight Advantage: Quicker and Faster Results.

Editorial Comments

bissell pet hair eraser innovates some amazing handheld vacuum cleaner where 33A1 stands to be one of them which is designed to erase pet hair no matter nasty or stupid pet hair. The whole unit is powered with 4 amps powerful motor to supply extensively super suction power from this little machine. The entire design is small and quite smart.
People have experiences on this vacuum cleaner and we would like to share some of their experiences here. There is one user online market where user expressed that this little sucker could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. This little sucker is unbelievable. The power is fantastic; the torque from the motor actually makes the vacuum jump in your hand when you flip the on-switch.

The way it is names, it is working like super handheld machine as it removes any nasty hair from anywhere within awhile. The performance is outstandingly amazing, I would rather like to say incredible. It provides a super decent job of picking cat hair smoothly. The rubberized front and the nubs do the pulling though it lacks have the spinning brush.

Two blower fans are positioned on both sides of the vacuum cleaner and this is amazing for producing great suction for quick and fast use with absolutely incredible result. Overall, Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Corded vacuum cleaner is simply brilliant for its effective tools and powerful performance.

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Powerful Suction
Perfect Long Cord
Easy to Empty the Dirt Container
Simple Assembling
Smart, Small, and Lightweight Design

Little loud
Not Washable Filters
Sides exhausts


In conclusion, we could come up with decision whether to buy or not. Well, our suggestions would be for you to meet the requirements you are looking for to do your vacuuming work. If Bissell Pet Hair 33A1 meets then go for it. You won’t regret, it would be a worth buying powerful vacuum cleaner.

The customers from say: it is highly recommended as the performance is pretty expected end of the day. And the tools are quite efficient; you will have the easy and simple assembling, usage, and comfortable vacuuming solutions. According to function of bissell pet hair eraser its one the cool clear for your home . Best of luck.

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