Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Review

Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip is a handheld vacuum that supplies very fast and convenient cleaning opportunity. It works great in the workshop, house or car.

Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld

Handheld vacuum cleaner should be lightweight as Dirt Devil Scorpion.

Dirt Devil handheld vacuum is designed with powerful cleaning tool.

It provides the incredible performance to the messy places whatever the dirt or dust or any kind of particles.

Dirt Devil Scorpion is powered by the tremendously powerful motor. The motor produces 7 amps of horsepower that gives the great cleaning work.

Dirt Devil handheld vacuum looks very tiny in size that gives a handy usage. It is simply a brilliant device for cleaning task particularly for any kind of dirt.

A vacuum strongly requires the powerful suction. The Dirt Devil Scorpion holds that feature which can easily pick up debris, sand, and pebbles.

Being handheld, Dirt Devil Scorpion also features 16-foot-long power cord to get the best possible distance. It simply provides the facility to reach the areas like interior stairs while plugged in.

dirt devil filter of Dirt Devil Scorpion

Another useful feature is the crevice tool. The Crevice tool provides the accessibility to any hard reaching spaces easily. So, the messy areas even from tight gaps could easily be tidy as absolutely clean.

Dirt Devil handheld vacuum does contain another essential option for crevice tool that could be flipped back while not in use.

As this vacuum is light in weight, it is included with a shoulder strap to carry while changing places effortlessly.

There is a dusting brush to do the cleaning on furniture ideally.

It has the popularity of being the powerful handheld vacuum of handheld category.

And on top, bagless design brings the easy clean up opportunity.


Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip easy clean

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dirt devil scorpion turbo

Portable Powerful Motor

Powerful engine means the powerful suction for a handheld vacuum. Dirt Devil Scorpion features the 7amp portable motor for absolutely better action quality.

It provides the best cleaning job to pick up tough messes like pebbles large particles.

Vehicle or home, this little devil is always hungry to eat any kind of dust.

And this is possible for powerful portable motor.

Bagless Design

Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip

Dirt Devil handheld vacuum is a sophisticated designed bagless cleaner. A vacuum with bag creates hassle to do the emptying job for the vacuum cleaner. To avoid this difficulty, Dirt Devil Scorpion comes with the bagless option.

It is very easy to empty that keeps your handy cleaner healthy and clean.


Benefits and Specifications

Integrated quick flip crevice tool for deep cleaning
Powerful 7-amp portable horsepower motor for stronger action quality
Lightweight design, very easy to carry and handle
Perfect length of 16-foot power cord to get the best possible distance
Brilliant bagless design
Accessories included dusting brush, hose, shoulder strap and an extension

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Dirt Devil Scorpion is smart, cool, small, and fast for sucking up nasty messes around the house with absolutely great reliability. Being small vacuum cleaner, it can give you fastest cleaning solutions in not time. The experiences reveal us some dependable ways for buying this cool product of cleaning machine.

We should bring one comments here by saying that he gave up the battery powered hand vac in the trash after experiencing Dirt Devil Scorpion though the user added that this vacuum cleaner is rather expensive with best usability. From room to room and any small quick cleaning, this Corded Bagless Handheld is brilliant.

The claim is visible to us that this vacuum is such incredible for its features and technologies, so one cannot even hate it intentionally. Some faulty delivery made someone upset that he/she missed the arm strap which should not blamed to the brand or product.
To sum up the experiences and shared information, we do recommend you to get this vacuum cleaner as it is pretty handy in usage and cleaning quick task with brilliant performance. But still you should meet you necessity before buying this one, otherwise, it may not surprise you the way you desire.

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A longer reach power cord of 16 foot.
Dirt container is very easy to empty.
Convenient crevice tool, great for furniture.
Lightweight, easy to carry and very simple to handle.
Portable, low in price.


Bit noisy.
Hard to wrap the cord.
Removing dirt from carpets bit struggling (sometimes).
Battery runtime short.


Dirt Devil handheld vacuum is one of the best vacuum cleaning machine for cars, workshops or house. The performance is great for being the handheld along with smaller size. It is really handy to use and carry.

The good distance power cord and other useful accessories provide altogether the best possible cleaning action.

Furthermore, Dirt Devil Scorpion has the good numbers of reputation over the market especially for the great quality and inexpensive price tag.

I must add the unofficial guarantee card to make it a go as the vacuum cleaning product of worth buying without stress.

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