Dyson DC25 Review for Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC25 Review for Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner designed on a ball technology. Dyson is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market for its patented technology. In this Dyson DC25 review, Dyson’s engineers used the patented Root Cyclone Technology to provide very powerful suction with no possibility of losing.
It is powered by brilliant mechanism to do the cleaning for every type of floor surface. Dyson DC25 has a motorized brush bar that can be turned off while necessary.
Basically, while I do the cleaning on hard floors and fragile rugs, I turn off the motorized brush bar to get my job done easily. DC25 can easily hug floor boards.
The engineers gave this one a very efficient and well-designed look, cleaning head is low-profile but works great. This is designed with proper accessibility every hard reaching areas.
Dyson DC25 have another patented technology; the Ball design. The whole DC25 rides on this smooth Ball, which basically allows you to maneuver easily around the household appliances and furniture.
This is an incredible invention of Dyson where you do not have to push and back forth to turn corners, and also offer advantage of not getting hurt on back.
In Dyson DC25 review, I must add the wonderful lightweight feature for being a full-size upright. Due to the Ball technology, the usage becomes more comfortable with smooth steering.


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Root Cyclonic Technology


Root Cyclonic Technology used Dyson DC25 Review

Root Cyclonic Technology is quite efficient for this vacuum cleaner for powerful performance while cleaning. The function this technology plays very unique in nature for keeping the complete suction.

Basically this technology does not use any bags, so the particles or dust, and dirt get straight into the bin where they can’t get clogged.

And it happens, because this technology creates incredibly high speed of spinning of air. It saves the cost of bagging and offers no loss of suction while vacuuming.
Dyson DC25 contains the great cleaning power albeit, not labeled for pet hair cleanup but works good while doing the cleaning job.


Ball Technology

Dyson-DC41-Cyclone-Technology Dyson DC25 Review The good news is you do not have to push it anyway, just smoothly ride this whole machine here and there for cleaning purposes. This is really  Dyson DC25 review has the great feature.

By steering around the furniture and obstacles, you can complete your cleaning tasks with ease. Basically, this Ball contains fixed wheels that can lead you straight path, but often it seems bit tough at the corners.

As you can roam around by pivoting the Ball with ease, you just have to turn off the wrist while changing the direction. A powerful motor is being installed inside the ball for a lower center of gravity.

The Ball is made of glass-reinforced polypropylene – a material used in car dashboards. The located motor inside the Ball made the usage more flexible. The engineers from Dyson brought some improvement to the manageability of Ball steering.

On top, Dyson DC25 reviews the Ball makes turning and getting into weird corners to pick the dust, cobwebs, dirt and more. But it takes often times to the users to get used to with this usability.

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Some Basic Features

Dyson DC25 Review has motorized brush bar

Dyson DC25 has several useful features which come in handy while vacuuming. Let us start with the Motorized Brush Bar. This brush bar is motorized and especially designed for pet hair removal which is great in performance.

We often find some nasty dirt and pet hair stuck deep inside carpets which seems tough to get rid of. This powerful brush bar contains the stiff bristles brings the solution to this problem.

But for hard floors and delicate rugs, you can simply turn off the brush bar to work on other surfaces.

In Dyson DC25 review we can see, this Multi-floor cleaner comes with a quick-draw telescope wand.motorized brush bar push and back forth to turn corners Dyson DC25 Reviews

To clean hard-to-reach areas like stairs and ceilings, this telescope wand works great. It has the 16ft extendable facility and assembling is simple.

If, however, you get stuck on attaching the wand, turn it around to the other side, and it snaps right in. The reaching problems become solved now.

Using the extended telescope pole, you can easily clean at the corner and groove with specks of dirt, cobwebs, even ac intake grates. And this happens to be used without having to bend over.

Furthermore, Dyson DC25 review we can know the washable HEPA filter which can grab the very tiniest allergens; pollen, mold spores and dust mites etc. As this comes with washable option, no need of replace, just wash once a month.

The bin Dyson DC25 reviews a transparent through you can see the remaining dust, dirt, and pet hair to empty. To do the emptying, just press the button; it is quite easy, quick and hygienic.

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Benefits and Specifications
Dyson Ball Technology smooth movement, an Upright vacuum cleaner
Designed for all types of floors; Quick-draw Telescope Reach Wand, motorized brush bar
Patented Root Cyclone Technology; no change of clogging, no loss of suction
Washable and certified asthma friendly HEPA filter, no need to replace
Hygienic transparent dust bin, on-board tools

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Dyson DC25 is designed to work best on every type of floors to get the messy jobs done with comfortability. Heavy-duty, powerful machine DC25 is to dig out the deep down dirt form carpet and rugs in a single hit. And the Ball technology features very efficient and smoothest maneuverability with easy steering in all over the places.

The attachments and tools are made to assemble easily and perform like a Pro. It merely takes 3 snaps to assemble in place. The whole unit is worth every penny for all vacuuming solutions. This machine is relatively small.

The only problem has been spotted that of emptying the bin or container. While emptying, you can pop out the entire container without being exposed to the dust, it doesn’t matter, because once you take it to your garbage can and release the bottom, all the dust flies everywhere and you end up inhaling it all away. So, little bit caring should be measured in this case, in other words, use some techniques.

The air quality remains clean and fresh for HEPA technology. And the suction power is incredible for Root Cyclone technology. The filter is washable, hence no replace needed. Soma calls it a Rolls Royce for its wonderful and powerful performance of vacuuming. Overall, DC25 is really amazing vacuum cleaner and well recommended.

Easy to maneuver around the furniture and obstacles
Great suction for proper vacuuming
Safe for almost all surfaces
Simple to empty the bin

Costly vacuum cleaner
Beater bars lack height adjustment


In conclusion, Dyson DC25 review shown you which is the best vacuum cleaner with multi-floor usability. And this is the upright vacuum which comes with very effective function qualities to provide the best possible action while vacuuming.
The patented technology Dyson used for DC25 is simply perfect and useful for target cleaning including deep cleaning task like deep carpets and other household cleaning. The Ball brings the free and easy access to the narrow places for complete cleaning solution.
Furthermore, Telescope Reach Wand is another vital feature that can grab even the cobwebs, and work great for AC cleaning. Overall, Dyson DC25 review contains the great features with powerful quality and best performance for cleaning tasks.

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