Dyson DC34 review Handheld

Dyson DC34 Review for Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

In Dyson DC34 review, a Handheld which is designed to provide the best cleaning services especially for car cleaning. It is the powerful vacuum comparing to others due to the highly designed technology.

Dyson digital motor makes this excellent handheld machine to work perfectly. This solid digital motor spins three times faster that provides effective power to the handheld.

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It is light in weight and very easy to handle so that cleaning task becomes simpler.

The battery is tremendously powerful.

In Dyson DC34 review, lithium-ion battery of 22.2V that discharges the charge consistently. The performance remains strong enough to not fade away.

Dyson DC34 is a small handheld.

LED battery indicator flashes in Dyson DC34 Review

It further contains LED battery indicator that notifies you to recharge the battery while necessary. Basically, the LED battery indicator flashes while remaining of less than one minute of power. It is one of the very useful features.

It has another powerful feature of three time’s faster-recharging capability than others. No chance of losing suction while cleaning due to the patented technology of Root Cyclone Technology.

The more suction power is the more cleaning job. DC34 is blessed with this power.

Furthermore, Dyson DC34 review is the little but made of strongest materials that make this small handheld durable with ideal resistance.

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Being cordless vacuum, Dyson DC34 reviews also the way of direct charging that charger plugs directly into the battery.

The bonus part, the battery is Energy Star-qualified.

In addition, Dyson DC34 review has the dual power mode for high constant suction and MAX power for more difficult tasks.

The nozzle picks the dust, dirt, crumbs and any large particles easily. The crevice tool plays the vital role I dare to say. It can get in the tight gaps and hard to reaching places like narrow spaces and in between the furniture.

The nozzle picks the dust for Dyson DC34 Review

To provide Dyson DC34 review, the lifetime filter must come up to the list. You have nothing worry about of replacing the filter at all. Just make sure that you wash every month. That’s it.

It is very hygienic to empty the bin. The thing you have to do is to push the release button to get the dirt out.

It is absolutely germ-free.

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In the world of the vacuum cleaner, the Root Cyclone Technology is a blessing and that must be added in the Dyson DC34 review. The well-engineered tool brings the solution to avoid the loss of suction.

This is because Dyson DC34 reviews patented tool namely Root Cyclone Technology that provides the incredible performance of high speeds. And it does not have the bags to trap the dust and dirt.

Simple equation: no loss of suction, because no bags. The dirt or whatsoever the messes are going straight into the bin.

So it is all about powerful suction to clean your car and any other vehicle totally without any knockout.

I must admit, Dyson DC34 reviews one of the best vacuums for the car or any vehicles for the remarkable technology.

Dyson Digital Motor

Intuitive or brilliant, but the DC34 is powered by another intelligent feature of Dyson digital motor. The motor is really small and light in weight.


Dyson DC34 Review Dyson digital motor

But the performance is tremendous. It happens to work having no carbon dust emissions.

The Dyson digital motor breaks the record of world popular Formula-1 race car’s engine speed.

The motor is five times faster that spins at up to 104,000 rpm. You can top that.

As Dyson digital motor is lighter and smaller than other motors, it is pretty much easy and comfortable to handle.

Furthermore, it maintains the balance of weight distribution.

Benefits and Specifications
Patented Root Cyclone Technology.
No loss of suction, perfects cleaning.
The nozzle is ready to pick crumbs, debris, particles whether small, wide or large.
Crevice tool: narrow spaces, tight gaps.
2V lithium-ion battery, three times faster-recharging power.
Powered by Dyson digital motor.
Hygienic bin emptying.
Energy Star qualified battery charger.

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Dyson vacuum cleaner is best for everything including technologies, tools, attachments, designs, look, and whatnot. DC34 is popular all over the market for its coolest handy design. The smartest look, comfortable usability, convenient carriage, and efficient cleaning results all together make DC34 the best vacuum cleaner.

The whole unit is easy to empty, and take merely little spaces. As DC34 is handy vac, for home usage, you can make use of multiple times of this little fellow. One called this powerful machine as Rolls Royce of handheld cordless vac. The best suction DC34 can provide from this little mouth and being pricey vac, it is truly one of the best of Dyson handy vac.

If we want to know about some negativity then as we have collected some information users; they say the whole unit is great and powerful but heavy in weight and battery is rather weak only lasting sometimes 3-4 minutes. Now the solution of this problem is to change the battery and it can easily be done by replacing with a new one. But from my experience, it is not something that most people face, happened with few or some.

End is like the great always as the suction is way too good, better than expectations, holding greater amount of dirt and clean away the messes. Overall, DC34 is really a fantastic vacuum cleaner of handheld type which can easily satisfy your hunger of cleaning.

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Very short charge duration.
Small, easy to handle.
Three times the extra suction power.
Easy to empty.

Lacks the floor tool.
Lacks storage attachments.


Dyson DC34 works fantastic to do the vacuuming in any vehicle including any tight gaps and spaces. The intelligent technology makes this little DC34 extremely powerful.

According to the popularity and useful reviews, DC34 is a product of vacuum cleaning worth buying.

If you are looking for strong but small and handy vacuum cleaner for your vehicle, you can easily make it a go. DC34 is designed to provide the cleaning task in a very simple manner with incredible tools and accessories.

Finally, I must say, the Dyson DC34 is a powerful handheld with the versatile quality for the ideal cleaning task.

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