Dyson DC50 Review for Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC50 review an upright vacuum cleaner which is compact with powerful technology in the lightest model. Weighing merely 11.6 lbs, it performs like a heavy one. Well-engineered technology makes DC50 quite efficient to pick any sort of dust, debris or more.
Dyson dc50The combination of four key technologies offers quite a superior cleaner head to DC50 to keep the performance strong enough. It can, through the cleaner head, make optical contact on every type of floor while changing the surfaces.

The brush bar contains some kind of special nylon made of bristles and carbon fiber filaments. Nylon bristles eliminate deeper dirt from carpets where ultra-fine carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust.

It provides fade-free suction as it does not use any bag, no loss of suction. The thing it does the spinning all the dust, dirt and pet hair from the air into the bin directly.

Designed by 19 individual cyclones, it catches microscopic particles using two tiers in a parallel way. The latest Ball technology holds the key components inside the round thing. It is really efficient for a compact vacuum cleaner.

In Dyson DC50 review, you will see some more efficient tools and accessories: tangle-free turbine tool, combination and stair tool, quick release wand, and 25ft longer cord.

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Ball Technology

Ball technology of dyson dc50 review

Dyson DC50 review has a superb Ball Technology where you can ride on all over the house for cleaning. Basically, Dyson’s engineers created this special technology for easy maneuverability while doing the cleaning task. You will get defeat steering limitations of fixed wheels. Wheels ride on a ball to get to the spots to do the cleaning by steering with ease.

It is compact with several basic component of the machine. Now you will take the whole powerful unit with you on a ride. It is made of a special kind of material used in riot shields. The motor dwells inside the ball. It sounds heavier though in weight, but light and easier to work on. It provides the best stability for perfect usability. Ball is the very efficient innovation of Dyson which is on the list of Dyson DC50 review as the great feature.

New Two-Tier Radial Cyclones

New 2 Tier Radial Cyclones of dyson animal

There are some vacuum cleaners, normally comes with the bag to get dust or dirt in. But, in Dyson DC50 review, you will have the bagless feature to avoid getting clogged out of dust after vacuuming. This is because, once the clog takes place, the air flow gets stuck, and it loses the suction power.

But here, Dyson brings the cyclone power to produce an outstanding high speed of spinning the air. And whatever the mess: dust, dirt or pet hairs go straight into the bin. The 19 inner cyclones come in two tiers pack and work in parallel to increase more airflow and separate microscopic dust.

And these cyclones quite small in size, so that it can produce highest centrifugal forces catch more fine dust out of the airflow. So, it leaves us in a state of no bags, no loss of suction.

Basic Tools of Dyson DC50

Dyson DC50 revie has some more basic tools at its best level for greater performance of cleaning task. Usually upright vacuum cleaner comes with a fixed function which faces difficulty while changing the floor type. While it remains to have gap in-between cleaner head and floor, the suction becomes wasted.

Advanced cleaner head technology of dyson dc50But Dyson’s engineers got the solution for this by creating the self-adjusting base plate. It has an automatic function of raising and lowering across various types of floor. You will not face any dials or bend down to make the adjustment.

And optical brush bar do the wonderful job here which is added to the list of Dyson DC50 review. It basically makes the contact between machine and floor to get the complete coverage while cleaning.

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Dyson DC50 review has another efficient feature; that is carbon fiber brush bar. It contains the mixture of stiff nylon bristles and anti-static carbon fiber filaments. Former one removes ground-in dirt from car carpet and later eliminate dirt from the hard floor.


Dyson DC50 Review has Tangle-free Turbine toolLet welcome tangle free cleaning using Dyson’s great innovation of tangle-free tool. It comes with counter-rotating heads with brushes to remove hair, dirt, thread or laces. While picking that stuff, the vacuum machine sometimes gets tangled.

Tangle-free turbine tool is designed to pick any long or short hair without getting tangled. It has no brush bar; rather it goes straight into the bin. So the picking of hair or laces or thread is totally hassling free.

Combination tool works fantastic on spot cleaning and gentle dusting; while stair tool removes dirt from corners and vertical edges of stairs. It, furthermore, has the quick release long-reach wand to clean stairs and awkward areas.

Dyson DC50 review offer you the healthy cleaning solution.  It catches allergens, pollen, mold and bacteria releasing you the fresh air. And the dust bin is transparent through which, you will get know when to empty the bin. No bag lets you save some buck, and the bin is quite easy to empty.


Benefits and Specifications of Dyson DC50 Review

Pretty advanced technology to do more cleaning task with an efficient result.
Two tier Radial cyclones catch more tiny particles using powerful cyclones.
Superbly lightweight and quite a durable weighing merely 11.6 lbs.
Features no bag, so complete suction while vacuuming.
Latest Ball technology, ride on, turns on the spot and steer into hard-to-get areas.
Longer power cord, 25 ft long.
Tangle-free turbine tool, swallow directly into the bin; shoe laces, long thread, hair.
Automatic adjustment tool for every type of floors.
Cob webs or nasty dirt from the corner or awkward areas solved, quick release wand, a long-reach tool.

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Meeting the quality and powerful Dyson patented technology, we come up with this comments by saying that it provides the great solution of vacuuming. The usability varies from users to users for their ability of cleaning and expertise, although one do not have to be an expert do the cleaning. The performance it provides for cleaning is simply incredible.

Some of the users love this vacuum cleaner while at the same time some are living with issues which could obviously be solved. The experiences show that after a month uses, the performance and entire service is still fantastic. The Dyson DC50 is compact for Animal pet hair cleaning form you house for which some says it works awesome.

Dyson DC50 may look bigger in shape and look, but it’s really smart and lightweight for comfortable usability. The lightweight advantage has been praised by so many users. The handheld hose seems to be a problem for some users but it’s not the problem with machine rather with the users.

rall, for editorial comments, we recommend you to buy as from personal experience, we further say that DC50 is one of the best vacuum cleaners for great cleaning in compact format. So, you can easily go for it if it can meet your necessity, after all.

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Powerful suction
Noise is significantly quiet
Easy to clean and simple to use
Pretty handy attachments and tools
Ball is great


Lacks retractable cord
Shaky plastic, much thinner
Dust container is relatively small



Throughout the Dyson DC50 review, we see the powerful features of this efficient vacuum cleaner. The performance is fantastic. The suction is quite significant for a vacuum cleaner and DC50 is designed to provide the very best suction.

The patented technology from Dyson industry creates DC50 to clean the heavy cleaning but lightly as DC50 comes in the lightweight unit.

Dyson DC50 reviews also moderately powerful tools and attachment to eradicate your cleaning difficulties. The tangle-free turbine tool lets you pick any hair or laces without getting tangled. Ball you allow you to ride on it, turn, steer; a perfect and easy usability.

Overall, Dyson DC50 reviews such a perfect vacuum cleaner for your need to do the cleaning task. Even customers from Amazon.com show their praises in a comment field. So, you can go for it as it would be you worth buying the vacuum cleaner.

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