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Dyson DC65 Review for Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

In Dyson DC65 review, it is an Animal Complete Upright Vacuum which is designed for the full home clean based on the unique Ball technology for difficult places. Dyson DC65 is user-friendly vacuum comes with 25% extra suction power than previous Dyson Upright Vac.

This Upright vacuum picks pet hair, fur, hard particles like pet food and more. Well-engineered Dyson has Radial Root Cyclone technology and reconstructed brush bar to get rid of more dust and dirt from anywhere in the home.

Including hard floors and carpets for deep cleaning, it can reach even high harder reach areas like a ceiling fan, high bookshelf using the Multi-angle tool that has 360-degree rotating option.

To provide easy manageability, Dyson DC65 reviews patented Dyson Ball Technology. So that, you can get convenient movement while roaming around the home and doing the cleaning.

This latest Ball Technology permits easy access to difficult areas and places. It is engineered with high-tech components inside the Ball rather than outside of the device.

The redesigned brush bar brings shorter and stiffer bristles to deliver deep carpet cleaning that is added in Dyson DC65 review too. At the same time, Dyson DC65 maintains the best performance on hard floors.

Smooth use of vacuuming, the Animal Complete allows itself to go around the furniture quickly to clean off. It is pretty lightweight at hand and easy to clean

Shifting the places like from one-floor type to another does not stand as a risk to the suction power. Dyson DC65 reviews an active base plate which is programmed to create optimal contact with every floor type doing the self-adjustment.
In Dyson DC65 review description, it is packaged with very useful accessories including extra tools and tool bag, soft dusting brush, multi-angle brush, Zorb and stiff bristle brush.

Radial Root Cyclone Technology

The powerful Upright DC65 is built for best cleaning with strongest suction power currently through brilliant engineering. It is planned as the latest technology to maximize the suction power. DC65 is combined with self-adjusting cleaner head to reach hard floors and stairs for dirt cleaning.
Radial Root Cyclone Technology is Dyson’s advanced technology for cleaning more dust and dirt from home, spotless as neat. It is one of the best features of Dyson DC65. This technology is patented for Dyson DC65 to provide the best cleaning possibilities.

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Tangle-Free Mini Turbine Tool

No worries for tangling, as this vacuum comes with tangle-free turbine tool that is air-driven for cleaning pet hair, fur, dust and dirt from cars, upholstery. Tangle-Free Mini Turbine Tool is added to the Dyson DC65 as the very useful feature for tangle free cleaning.
It is designed as the counter-rotating mini turbine that cleans places properly without getting stuck with any hair even shoe lace.
It removes any kind of hair including pet fur without tanglingIt removes any kind of hair including pet fur without tangling. Depends on Dyson DC65 review I can say its well-engineered, very efficient and smart technology for better performance with no hassle.
As various sort of thread like debris, hair, laces hold the chances of getting stuck into brush while vacuuming. To avoid this problem, Tangle-Free Mini Turbine Tool is installed to the device.

Benefits and Specifications
Buying from an authorized reseller, 5 years parts and labor warranty. Top that.
Radio Root Cyclone Technology for 25% extra suction power than predecessors and cleaning bare floors and stairs.
The reconfigured brush bar gives access the bristles deeper into carpets for neat cleaning.
Turbine tool that is tangle free. With the counter-rotating head brush, it is easy to take away the dirt dust from floors, upholstery and more.
Soft dusting brush for safe cleaning and stiff bristle brush for hard spaces and a tool bag.

These benefits feature the qualities and usefulness of this vacuum that highlights in Dyson DC65 review more clearly.

Extra power of suction (Thanks to Radio Root Cyclone Technology)
Tangle-free turbine tool (works fine)
Easy to do the deep inside cleaning
The extension hose is long enough
Easy to maneuver (Ball Technology)

This is the pricey vacuum (but good at quality)
Dust canister seems small
It is bit heavy (not a big deal)

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Dyson DC65 is an Upright and designed for animal hair removing although it’s not the only purpose. The performance is amazing as it can pick any hair from upholstery, and dirt, dust from any places. The superb Ball technology allows entry toward awkward areas like underneath sofa or furniture. On top, smooth steering will give you comfortable movements all around the house while vacuuming.

The experiences of users are really useful to know before buying the DC65 vacuum cleaner. One user says that having a German shepherd that sheds longs thick hair all over the carpets, rugs, couches, tile while this thing sucks right up with no problem. It is really amazing result of vacuuming.

One of the long-lasting vacuum cleaners is the Dyson DC65 which works great for carpet, tile, hardwood and many more. And the suction power is super strong as it can suck in even the large particles easily and perfectly.

It is worth it because DC65 is a great improvement over the DC25 which is incredible, honestly. Overall, from the experiences, it can be easily said that DC65 is rock and well-recommended for your vacuum cleaning.


Designed with the great technology, Dyson DC65 the best vacuum cleaner for your needs of cleaning the home and more. It will give you not only the dirt and debris cleaning solution but also the long thread, disgusting hair, shoelaces and more by the Tangle-Free Mini Turbine Tool. The super engineered Ball Technology is ready to walk you around the home and the messy place with very easy manageability. It also provides the access to hard reaching areas. The extension hose is simply a blessing that comes with long enough to get the cleaning job done more easily.

Finally, Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum is best and worth in money for home cleaning. For spotless and better cleaning, DC65 is perfect to get one for home.

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