Dyson V6 Review for Absolute, MotorHead, Animal Cord Free Vacuum

In the world of vacuum cleaners, Dyson holds the greater place for being the best cleaning machine. The patented technology Dyson used to build the vacuum cleaner more powerful and strong to provide the great performance. In there discussed Dyson V6 review with full details which help you as buying the guide.

However, Dyson V6 has four different types of the vacuum cleaner at its best level to occupy the efficient cleaning task. And we will go through each and every model to see the feature they hold. These are Cord Free, Absolute, Motorhead, and Animal vacuum cleaner.

All of them come cordless with high-performance capabilities. The good news is every single vacuum designed to give the best possible cleaning solution in its range. Let us roam one by one to see the usefulness for our needs.

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Dyson V6 Review for Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

In this Dyson V6 review for the Cord-Free vacuum cleaner for powerful cleaning task from floor to ceiling. It is cord-free means hassle free out of corded matter, plug in/out. This vacuum features the powerful suction with continuous power supply.

 dyson Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner

The battery power is designed only for cleaning purposes, which delivers up to 20 minutes of constant suction. Dyson V6 has another very efficient feature; the motorized cleaner head to do the cleaning for all floor types.

 image of Cord Free Vacuum
 Cord Free Vacuum using for floor cleaning

The motorized cleaner head contains two different types of brush bar for several surfaces like floors, carpets and more. The one brush bar has the stiff nylon bristles to get rid of the tough ground-in-dirt from carpets.

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The bristles are designed to make the coverage its full width which offers complete edge-to-edge cleaning solution. And another brush bar is made of carbon fiber filaments to remove fine dust from hard floors. This feature works great in performance.

Dyson V6 Review show using on car

Dyson V6 has the handheld cleaning formula along with longer wand option while cleaning. The thing you have to do is; just detach the wand with easy and then use the machine as a handheld which mostly used as car vacuum cleaner or anywhere feasible.

This quick working handheld comes with perfectly fittest tools to the machine while necessary. It is quite handy for simple cleaning purposes. The handheld mode is on.

clean score

Dyson V6 has the very powerful battery only for cleaning usage. It is designed to provide the fade-free power of suction while cleaning. And the battery run-time lasts up to 20 minutes longer for a proper amount of cleaning.

Another feature of Cord-free choice which makes this Dyson V6 review more appropriate. Once you have the corded vacuum, it requires wrap/unwrap, plugging in/out, and hard to roam around every place.

V6 brings the solution here with no cord to drag around from here to there while vacuuming. The cleaning solution becomes easier now with this very handy and convenient vacuum.

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Pros & Cons For Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner

Suction is quite good
Obviously lightweight
Quick and convenient cleaning, thanks to dock station
Easy to change the tools

Battery is not changeable

Motorized head requires little more improvement

Dyson V6 Review for Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

dyson v6 absolute review

Dyson V6 Absolute review for cordless vacuum cleaner which is specially designed to handle most cleaning jobs, basically for versatile cleaning tasks.

This comes with very efficient attachments of a complete package along with soft roll cleaner head and posts motor filter.

It is pretty simple to use but the device is very powerfully designed and powered by Dyson brand technology. The whole unit is a highly versatile including; Moorhead, Soft-roller, duster and crevice tool.

The Absolute is added to the Dyson V6 review to show its best feature. Furthermore, Absolute is quite light in weight.  The usage is pretty handy for perfect vacuuming.

It is equipped with two Dyson-engineered cleaner head for hard floors to remove large debris and fine dust at the same time. The powerful feature is the Direct-drive cleaner that provides 75% extra power for perfect cleaning task.

Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum floor cleaning

This feature contains bristles to do the deep cleaning like it gets deeper into the carpet to get rid of even more dirt and dust. This is working fine due to the power of an extra portion brush bar.

It works great for hard floor and carpets. Dyson v6 absolute review this Direct-drive cleaner head to remove hair and ground-in-dirt from the carpets, a proper deeper cleaning. It also can get the fine dust rid of from the hard floor easily.

Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum wall cleaning

The V6 Absolute holds the wonderful balancing quality around the hand while using.  So, you will be able to use this one with ease.

If you want to remove cobwebs to dust on lampshades, or anywhere, this lightweight design leads you up high to do the smooth cleaning.

Furthermore, you can detach the wand and make it a handheld for handy use.

Some other useful feature should come up to the list of Dyson V6 review : cord-free choice, fade-free suction, Soft roller cleaner head, HEPA filtration, Mini Motorized tool, and more.


In this Dyson V6 review, we see the powerful fade-free power while vacuuming with a powerful battery. And the battery power is only used for cleaning tasks.

The trigger has the instant release which provides this constant power. And run-time for this vacuum cleaner is 20 minutes longer for proper cleaning duration.

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The power does not fade while doing the cleaning. This leads to the fade free power where you can do the cleaning with no chance of drop-off whatsoever.

soft roller Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson technology has the tremendous feature with a brilliant mechanism for their powerful vacuum cleaner. They invented this soft roller cleaner head for hard floors to remove large debris and fine dust simultaneously. This is really beneficial for the hard floor with no hassle.

Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum for floor cleaning

The whole unit is pretty lightweight and easy to grip while using. So, for using from bottom to top, or floor to ceiling, and top, down below and even in between; this V6 Absolute is a perfect to go.

The tools are designed to fit perfectly into the device. This is mostly considered as the vacuum  for stairs & wall cleaning.

whole machine HEPA filtration

The Dyson v6 absolute review has the Asthma and Allergy friendly cleaning solution using 2 Tier Radial cyclones, a post motor filter, and a preserved system to make sure that the air the air leaves the machines is cleaner than the air we breathe.

The cleaning goes through the HEPA filtration, so it is safe to breathe while cleaning absolutely.

cord free image

No cord no hassle, consider this as a motto of Dyson V6 series that is quite a good feature for a handy vacuum yet a powerful cleaner. Now, you can roam around the house or car carpet cleaner or anywhere you wish. The cleaning task becomes simple, easy and quick.

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Pros & Cons For Dyson V6 Absolute Review

Easy to turn into handheld, really handy in use
Cleaning is great
Corners and edges, great work
Soft head is washable, tried

Too small a dust bin
Lacks the trigger lock

Dyson V6 Review for MotorHead Cord-free Vacuum

Dyson V6 motorhead review cord-free vacuum that is designed to provide deep cleaning solution. This cord-free vacuum holds the overall cleaning performance that can take over other full-sized vacuums.

Perfectly packaged with powerful attachments and tools, Motorhead has highest geometric average pickup performance. From carpet to floor, it works great for its efficient features. V6 has the 75% extra power for Direct-drive cleaner head.

dyson v6 motorhead review

dyson v6 motorhead review

Dyson V6 review the finest handy design for easy and quick cleaning. The moment you see any dirt, just take the unit and do the cleaning, pretty handy in use. Any kinds of dirt from large to small and even tiny particles could be removed with ease by this powerful cleaning machine.

The design is created for several types of surfaces, floors, carpets and more. Dyson’s engineers brought the idea of perfect balance of this vacuum cleaner. Basically, they made this one as very lightweight, so you can do easy cleaning from top to bottom.

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From cobwebs to dust on lampshades, AC, it can get access and do the fine cleaning. On the carpet, it works great for the brush bar which is located on the head of Direct-drive cleaner. The bristles brush bar gets deeper into the carpet to remove even more dirt.

easy soft clean of Dyson V6 Review

The newly built Mini soft dusting brush holds the wonderful feature for gentle dusting around the home. For instance, I do the keyboard cleaning for my PC.

Besides, you can do on the table, top of the refrigerator, shelves and more.

But, I must say, this is really convenient and efficient to use for cleaning purpose.

The battery is powered to provide powerful fade-fade suction out of full battery usage. It can run up to 20 minutes longer time for cleaning tasks. So, when you start cleaning, at least you have the idea of not running out of power within 20 minutes. Let us consider this as a bonus.

Dyson V6  hassle-free cordless for Motorhead vacuum cleaner. This is really convenient for cleaning. While cleaning, the corded vacuum gives trouble to move around whether the power cord longer enough. But still it is a problem for users.

Here, you don’t have worry about the cord, the range for length, just move along wherever you wish. And do your cleaning task with powerful fade-free battery. It gives the easy and quick cleaning solution for a vacuum cleaner.

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Pros & Cons For Dyson V6 Motorhead Review

Battery is bit disappointing
Great cleaning on wooden floor
Corners and edges, great work
Easy to dump the dirt
Obviously cordless

Too much suction
Bit pricey

Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum

dyson v6 animal review

In this Dyson V6 review the Animal Cordless Vacuum where you can meet your needs to clean up your pet hair and some other nasty messy stuff.

The technology engineers used from Dyson industry is remarkable for the power and performance. The motorized brush bar, motorized tool, the different mode of vacuum and much more are added to the dyson v6 animal review.

The whole unit is made in lightweight technology that gives a very easy and simple usage of cleaning for high reaching areas.

Dyson promises to offer the fresh air while vacuuming the place. They use special filtration to make it happen.

Animal vacuum cleaner stands boldly to pick any pet hair, dust and other allergens through the powerful technology and tools.

In this Dyson V6 review for the Animal vacuum cleaner with very useful and convenient features. If, however, I begin with the suction quality, I must admit that it is really powerful for the fade-free technology.

Basically, engineers from Dyson industry used a very powerful battery that delivers continuous suction only for cleaning. And the run time is 20 minutes longer for the proper amount of cleaning job.

The Direct-drive cleaner head is designed to give two different advantage of cleaning task. Firstly, it has the bristles that can get into very deep to remove ground-in-dirt from carpet easily.

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This time, it arrives with 75% more brush bar power than the dyson v6 animal review. It can pick the fine dust from hard floors. Well, you can count it for the multi-floor task.

The mini motorized tool brings the stiff nylon bristles to remove pet hair from furniture, and tight spaces even more dirt.

The best feature I would like to say the mode or transformation which is pretty simple. The thing you have to do is to detach the wand, and it turns into the handheld. Now do the simple handy cleaning on car’s seat or your upholstery.

Life becomes easier with Dyson product honestly for their powerful technology and the best performance of cleaning task. It works great.

Furthermore, the feature cord-free make the cleaning task hassle-free for users. The place you move with this powerful handy vacuum, you just move as you wish, not worries of corded matter at all.

There is nothing plugging on/off, juts go on with your own pace do the cleaning with ease from outside to inside. It makes the cleaning task easier and quicker.

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Pros & Cons For Dyson V6 Animal Review

Quite powerful
Easy to use
Very convenient to change the tools

Battery is bit disappointing
Dust bin is comparatively small

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