Eureka Easy Clean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum Review

Eureka Easy Clean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum is best in qualities. It works pretty well inside the car.

Eureka Easy Clean is easy to use.

For cleaning stairs and upholstery, it is the best vacuum due to the design it holds. It has a brush roll that cleans off the stair steps. The Riser Visor is brilliant for this Hand-Held for horizontal surfaces to be spotless.

The crevice tool is fantastic especially for tight areas like the back of upholstery.

The vacuum is strong in suction. Top that.

With very low weight, versatile hose and quite a long cord provide simplicity to the users.

UsefulRisor VisorEureka Easy Clean

It is called a great innovation of Eureka for the helpful features it has for cleaning. Basically, it has a plastic cover that can work by flipping up and down. As there lies a brush roll that cleans off the stairs easily.

This tool is great for stair risers, back of the furniture.It helps to clean in both vertical and horizontal ways.

Along with Risor Visor, the Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum has the hose and flexible crevice tool not to stay away from cleaning the tight areas of the furniture.

Powerful Suction

The best quality Eureka holds for this vacuum is suction. The performance of the suction is great.

It is perfectly able to pick hard particles from barefloors, carpets, stairs.

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The very strong 5.5 Amp motor supplies good performance for doing best suction. It has 20-foot long power cord.

Features and Benefits
Low in cost
5 Amp motor works better for both suction and revolving brush
Best cleaning for stairs, cars, upholstery
Flexible crevice tool and a hose
Bagless washable filter and a clear dust cup for easy cleaning
20-foot long cord easily storable
Light, simple and easy to handle

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Excels at picking up pet hair
Excellent suction
Long cord
Power switch is easy to use
The device is lightweight

Struggled to remove dirt from bare floors
Consumer testers said it was tough to maneuver
Dust cup is difficult to empty


This corded Eureka Easy clean handy vacuum is designed to work stronger in smaller size providing the sufficient amount of cleaning. The suction is awesome and incredible to pick any sort dust and dirt from anywhere.

Smaller size with longer cord which is relatively quieter for avoidance of neighbors’ complains about noise. And the power switch is easy to use. Some say it is excellent bang for the buck meaning every penny worth it. It holds plenty of suction power for its size.

Lightweight is the great advantage although some remarks that this one is bit heavy but they are still happy for incredible performance. For picking pet hair, Eureka Easy clean is really easy to clean quickly for best results.

This is the loveliest vacuum cleaner for which some says that it works like magic with higher recommendations. Overall, we recommend you to meet you requirements and then go to buy one and start vacuuming.


To sum up, the Eureka Easy Clean Corded Hand-held Vacuum has well reputation for the household in the field of best cleaning. With the good recommendation, anyone can go for this small handy and friendly vacuum for cleaning.

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