Hoover Air Cordless Bagelss Handheld Vacuum Review

The brand Hoover has the variety of Handheld Vacuum but Hoover Air Cordless and Bagelss Handheld Vacuum , BH52160PC is best among others for fast and quick use. For this cool looking little machine, Hoover Fade-Free technology that comes with a cordless and bagless vacuum.

It picks up pet hair, fur, dust, dirt around the stairs and furniture applying Powered Turbo Tool with ease.

Brilliant crevice tool gets into the tight areas to get whatever hair or fur or even dirt or dust it finds to make that spotless.

The Hoover Air is a lightweight vacuum and easy to handle for using in cleaning carpets and hard floors. Air is equipped with powerful battery that lasts until it dies.

Suction power is way too good.


Powerful Battery TechnologyHandheld Vacuum

A cordless hand vac must have powerful battery, as Hoover Air holds one of Fade-Free technology that powers in full amount. It has 20V Lithium Life battery system that makes this Air powerful in performance.

The battery is exchangeable that provides the opportunity to share with other Hoover Lithium Batteries.

It is designed for battery fuel gauge to show the remaining amount of battery that is kind of sign to put in recharge. It creates a tension-free zone for recharging.


The Air Cordless Vacuum is flexible in use for versatile quality. The more dirt including pet hair, fur or dust it gets, the more cleaning it does to keep the places neat and clean.

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The Powered Turbo tool and crevice tool help in this manner to play the versatile role on carpets, hard floor, furniture, and stairs mainly.

Benefits and Specifications
20V Lithium Battery for simple and quick use and active for multiple cleaners and a charger usable to other Hoovers.
The Fade-Free Battery Technology provides the full amount of fade-free battery.
Being a handheld, the lightweight option stands as great choice for roaming around the house.
With powerful Suction, the Powered Turbo Tool works best for spot cleaning and deep cleaning.
Washable and Reusable Filter for a long time of use in cleaning.

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Best suction power
Versatile use ( more dirt more clean)
Fade-free battery technology (provides full amount of power)
Removing dog hair is superb

The suction mouth is not that large (although has great suction)
Takes around 9 hours to charge
Filter replacement is hard to meet


Hoover Air features cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner which is designed as handheld to provide quick and faster services of vacuum cleaning. So many users are pretty happy for having one of these small yet powerful devices.

This is an awesome and worth-every-penny vacuuming product which keeps up full strength of suction unless the battery dies. This is happened to be happened for fade-free technology. The look is really cool and smart for quick use.

It is super good a removing dog hair from chairs so no need to drag out the big sweeper anymore. And inside car, Hoover Air is great in performance with absolute reliability. The whole unit is convenient to use.

Overall, the device is designed to provide the comfortable usability to any areas of house and corners to get rid of the nasty dirt and dust. So, you can simply go for it if you are looking for a handy vacuum.



In summary, the Cordless Bagelss Hoover Air Handheld Vacuum is good-to-go cleaner for deep cleaning and spot cleaning. Although, the suction mouth is not much large but has powerful suction. Overall, Hoover Air is the best cleaner and a worth buying vacuum.

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