Hoover Platinum Collection Lynx Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum Review

Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030 is a quality vacuum. This vacuum is quick and fast for better cleaning. Because it is cordless, handy and sleek in design with great suction power. Platinum Lynx is worth buying for any kind of mess to keep spotless that includes annoying pet hair from upholstery, sofas, and carpets even from tight areas.

With a very smart look and easy handling area, Lynx Vacuum contains a hand switch that is good for using with no hassle. The best this is a sliding power switch for avoiding holding hassle while cleaning. The long run battery gives a brilliant performance.

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Hoover PlatinumHoover Platinum

Power Head and Attachments

Hoover Platinum Lynx is most excellent handy vacuum. It has a great and easy maintenance for the power head. The power head has motorized brush roll for cleaning carpets, upholstery. On top, it has a 25 degrees rotating option that provides ease for maintenance.

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Lynx has separate pet hair attachment of three blades design offers a top option for removing sticky pet hair from upholstery. Furthermore, Hoover Lynx has a larger dusting brush for deep cleaning from harder spaces.

Powerful 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery

The powerful battery gives Lynx a boosting power to act perfectly. The battery is interchangeable, easy to remove and replace. As Lynx comes cordless, this is  a grand choice.

Additionally, it contains a fuel gauge that shows remaining battery. The battery has no memory that helps not to wait until it gets empty. So, it can be left in charging always.

Benefits and Specifications
Great 3 blade design is an option for nasty pet hair.
The larger dusting brush stands for another best choice to keep the surfaces neat as new.
Powerful interchangeable battery gives better performance and comes with Energy Star battery charger.
Battery fuel gauge to show the remaining amount of battery.
25 degrees Rotating PowerHead for cleaning tight narrow spaces.
Integrated dusting brush and crevice tool.

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Best for removing pet hair ( carpets, stairs)
Interchangeable battery (easy to remove)
Takes only three hours to charge (10 to 30 minutes longer runtime)
Battery indicator shows the remaining amount

Dirt capacity is not that large
Battery replacement is rather expensive

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Hoover Platinum is pretty cool handy vac which means cordless featuring pet vacuum cleaner. For easy and quick use, you should hurriedly pick this vacuum for picking dust and dirt from rugs, upholstery, corners, furniture, and kitchen anywhere feasible. Just carry the machine with comfortability and make use of efficient task for your messy house to be clean one.

Experiences are great for this cordless pet vacuum cleaner as it is fantastic. The whole unit works like a charms one says with reasonable price, and has strong suction capability to remove pet hair. On top, suction power seems to be working awesome in this little handy machine.

To make comparison, one finds this one as worthy alternation of Dyson’s pricey cordless one. It seems that Hoover Platinum is really working great that beats the Dyson, simply wow! Including pet hair, it can suck other dust and dirt perfectly.

Whoever uses this powerful handy vacuum, they know the real worth of this device. The simple yet cool and smart design with comfortable handle can come in handy in anytime necessary. Overall, Hoover Platinum is awesome for vacuuming mostly quick task.


In conclusion, Hoover Platinum Lynx Pet Vacuum, BH50030 is cordless handheld for cleaning rugs and disturbing pet hair from any surfaces even from tight areas due to the design of this vac. Although battery replacement is bit pricey, but not at all an option for turning back. Lynx is the best-recommended vac for cleaning.

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  1. Please include the weight and NOISE LEVEL (in decibels) for these handheld vacs. Just had to return a Black and Decker CHV 1410 because the NOISE level was unbearable. (It also wouldn’t hold a charge for longer than about 9-10 mins.) Also include details about the charging mechanism: Can it be hung up or does it use one of the new clumsy charging plate setups? 🙁

    Also, a general complaint about these Dustbuster gizmos: Every time they issue a new model, they design it so that our old attachments no longer fit or work. Get real, Black & Decker and other companies! Planned obsolescence is OUT! (Obsolete!)


    It’s a lot of hassle to shop for or mail-order these things, then have to return them and go shopping all over again when they don’t work out. 🙁

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