Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister Review

Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister Review, UH30010COM is an extremely powerful vacuum for complete home cleaning. It has highly effective cleaning system for the  portable lightweight canister to clean floor to ceiling.

With less effort, it removes more dirt from carpet through the powerful suction and airflow. It is designed for Wind Tunnel Technology to do the deep down cleaning.

The best thing is HEPA Media bag that traps down dirt, dust, allergens, and pollens for fresh and cleaner air.

The lightweight upright has better filtration, cleaning technology, and best class cleaning performance.

The low profile design gives access in, under and around furniture with ease.

HU02HU04The Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister review with details

Wind Tunnel Technology

The Upright Vacuum has the perfectly cleaner clean performance for Wind Tunnel Technology. Wind Tunnel is a time saver for the design of strongest suction and airflow. The combination of suction and airflow helps to pick the dirt easily and effectively.

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The three distinct suction channels surround the spinning brush roll help lift and capture the dirt whether the vacuum is moving forward or backward. There is no chance scattered dirt back into the floor.

Fingertip Controls

Hoover built this Upright with convenience and efficiency to do vacuuming flawlessly. It has very suitable fingertip controls to maximize the best cleaning options.
>ON/OFF switch and HI/LO double speed control helps to choose power options. For rugs and hard floors cleaning, just select LO power and HI power for carpets. Brilliant and convenient preference of this Upright provides entirely easy cleaning.

Benefits and Specifications
Wind Tunnel Technology and air-flow technology for fast and neat cleaning and works as a time saver.
Edge-cleaning bristles for vacuuming dirt from close to base floor and walls. Easy edge cleaner.
35-foot wrap around power cord for better reach, stair cleaning handles, built-in carry handle.
HEPA Media bag to trap dirt, dust, pollens and allergens for fresh air. Easy to remove and replace.
LED Headlight, Auto height adjustment automatically sets up for any type of carpets, area rugs, and hard floor surfaces.
No-marring wheels for the protection of wheels and furniture bumper guard.
Flexible stretch hose with an expandable wand for above floor cleaning.
On-board tool attachments including dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, hard floor tool, detachable shoulder strap built in carry handle for easy transport and operation.

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Lightweight (looks bigger though)
It separately keeps away the allergens (great HEPA)
Power cord is really long (35 foot)
Great in suction
Deep inside clean

Lacks motorized brush
Bit of noisy
Lacks padding for strapping (minor proble


Hoover Platinum is best in action for the powerful technology and great performance of vacuuming for every messy area. This is really an awesome device as it comes in a bag which makes it very light to weigh and carry from place to place with comfortability.

Some experiences say that Hoover Platinum which comes with very efficient canister lasts for longer time like few years and the performance remains powerful as before. This is the great pair of vacuums, agile, decent cord length. Some says that the fantastic thing is bagged over filters. And you don’t have clean as often.

The whole unit is easy to carry as it is so light though looks bigger in size. Some claims that the price is little high though the suction is really amazing for vacuuming for heavy work in house. So, Hover Platinum is smart enough to get one.

Overall, the entire device is designed to provide best performance of cleaning and at the same time it is simple and easy to use. Now you can make up your mind and go for it following our recommend ions based on your requirements.


In conclusion, Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister Review, UH30010COM is great cleaner with brilliant technology for the entire home clean system.

Hoover Bagged

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