Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum Review

The Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum is handy and easy to use for better cleaning. The Vacuum is small and lightweight.  It has a smart pivoting nozzle that gives access in hard reaching areas. The handy Vacuum is best to do the spotless

Powerful suction power is much strong and works through a powerful motor in a cyclonic way.

The battery life is way too good for this little Vacuum. Because it contains Lithium Ion batteries that provide fade-free power while using. The experience says the cleaning job will be done very efficiently, smoothly without worrying about battery life.


High Performance Lithium TechnologyB03

The Pivot Vacuum is a handheld for easy and convenient use that also has powerful of 20V MAX Lithium Ion battery. It offers more suction power for absolutely best clean. The power is Fade-Free, no worries about running out of power while using.

Now, it can go anywhere to make the place spotless with this small Vacuum with full confidence about the battery.

3 Stage Filtration

Max Lithium Vacuum is designed for three stage filtration system to do the fresh cleaning. Those have some worries about allergens, here comes this essential filtration.

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It has three distinct steps to complete the filtration without leaving any invisible dirt or dust. Chronologically, it gets the hard and bigger dirt cleaned, and then the dust particles and finally gets air purified.

It is a really cool selection in this little Pivot Vacuum.

Benefits and Specifications
High-Performance Lithium Technology for strong suction with fade-free power supply.
The pivoting nozzle is exclusive for reaching hard to access areas.
Superpower motor provides best-in-class quality power to get much stronger suction.
The cyclonic action takes away the dust and dirt from the filter to keep up the strong suction power.
Three-stage filtration system to keep the air fresh.
Crevice tool for tight spaces and brush for cleaning the upholstery.

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Suction power is very good
Less storage spaceHigh performance battery
High performance batteryEasy to empty
Easy to emptyReplaceable battery
Replaceable battery

Lacks the pet hair toolIt’s a handheld ( reaching floor is light hard )
It’s a handheld ( reaching floor is light hard )


If you can rotate the vacuum machine while cleaning the messes, then it should be considered as a great advantage for usage. Now the experiences say few more things about Black and Decker BDH2000PL vacuum cleaner. First of all, it comes with quite powerful battery for greater amount cleaning with outstanding suction.
This is small, handy and cool to use. Moreover, you can easily carry the machine in single hand and do the cleaning where necessary. One says that it picks up pet hair, clay litter, dried wet food crumbs, no problems from hard floors, bathroom rugs, carpet of car and home.

Commenting on again here, this handheld vac is best for cleaning, powerful which can hold the charge for long time, and charges back up quickly. The best shot is here the filter which is washable and handy to manage.

Overall, Black and Decker is pretty cool and smart vacuum cleaner which is powered with incredible battery and performance. Our recommendation is simply go for it by simply meeting the requirements.


Well-recommended Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum is best and powerful in performance. So, it is a worth buying vacuum overall.

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