Eureka RapidClean Handheld Corded Vacuum Review

The Eureka RapidClean Handheld Corded Vacuum , 41A is an easy-go handheld to clean off the dirt swiftly from hard surfaces like non-carpeted stairs.

This handy Rapidcleaner has on/off brush roll switch that gives a choice to clean either deep carpets or stairs. As this 41A has soft roll wheels, there is not even a single chance to put a scratch or nick the floors. It is called as corded vacuum because it has exactly 25 ft long cord which, of course, provides an effortless way to reach best possible distance for cleaning.


Brushroll and Soft Wheels

To clean deep carpets, it only needs turn on the brush roll switch and by turning it off simply clean the bare floors effortlessly. The brush roll is motorized so that it is easy to clean staircases and backs of the furniture.E02

It is risk-free for bare floors not because of brush roll switch only; it also has some soft wheels that let it run smoothly and harmlessly.

Due to this easy roll wheels, Mr. RapidCleaner has no bad record of committing nicks or scratches.

Long Distant Cord and Powerful Motor

The Eureka RapidClean Handheld Corded Vacuum , 41A is built with precisely 25 ft long cord, and 3-foot hose altogether offers 28 ft long reach.

It is best for users because he/she can reach pretty long distance to clean either stairs or bare floors or furniture backs without thinking about cord shifting.

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Being a long cord, it could be neatly wrapped around the base, so no worries.

The cleaning performance is higher for the powerful 6 amp motor. This is splendid.

Benefits and Specifications
Low in cost and Powerful
Barefloor brush for easy cleaning
Simple On/Off Brushroll Switch
Reach System is 28-foot long including 25-foot cord and 3-foot hose
Crevice tool for saving time while cleaning
Brushroll is Motorized
Washable Filter reusable
Soft Easy Roll Wheels
6 Amp Motor for High Performance
Bagless dirt and dust canister for visibility

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Powerful suction power
Best handheld for stairs, floors, upholstery
Easy to use and carry
Simple to store

The front is too full (but extension hose solves the problem)
Hose is for short (according to some customers though 3 ft. long )It is not cordless (minor problem)
It is not cordless (minor problem)


Eureka Rapid Clean is designed to provide rapid action performance like rapid action battalion for nasty and annoying dirt and dust and other messes from you house or room or anywhere messy. Whole unit is small in size and light in weight which gives the comfortable carriage and convenient usability for vacuuming.

People from their usage of Eureka only word they uttered that it is really simple to use and the result is spectacular for cleaning task. It can go through any gap to make t easily dirt free with the powerful performance.
Being a handy vac, Eureka is outfitted with powerful technology for which the suction power is really great for a complete cleaning task. But there is a request of a user about the hose that hose should be bit more user friendly.

Based on the quality and performances, Eureka is the best handled vacuum with sufficient length of power cord to get enough distance for cleaning rapidly. It will be worth buying vacuum cleaner if you go for it with our recommendations.

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In conclusion, to go for handheld corded vacuum, the Eureka RapidClean 41A is the one vacuum with good reputation. This RapidClean is low in price and easy to use for perfect cleaning.

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