Dyson DC59 Review for Motorhead vs Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC59 review consists of two different types of vacuum cleaner: Motorhead and Animal. Both machines are powerful in engineering and great in performance. We will go through one by one. In addition, the basic feature for both of them comes cordless. However, let’s start with Animal first.

Dyson DC59 Animal

Dyson DC59 Review for Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC59 reviews Animal vacuum cleaner which is Dyson’s latest Digital Slim cordless feature. It is powered by the Dyson digital powerful motor V6 that helps to produce very powerful suction. And this motor features three times faster-spinning speeds than conventional motors.

The suction is great due to the power of the 350W motor. Dyson DC59 has another very efficient feature which works in parallel to capture microscopic dust; 15 cyclones. This is designed in two tiers, and each cyclone has been re-engineered to get the best action airflow and centrifugal forces. Dyson used this two tier Radial cyclone to maximize the suction power.

Well, the engineers from Dyson industry also put some vital development into the floor tools. In Dyson DC59 review this vacuum cleaner as perfectly balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning.

cleaning from floor to ceiling
extremely versatile cleaning from floor

This vacuum cleaner is quite convenient to do the cleaning from floor to ceiling with its brilliant design. DC59 Cordless vacuum cleaner comes with the latest motorized cleaner head. This time, it is improved to pick more debris and designed to be lighter.

And the brush bar has also been reconfigured to remove fine dust from hard floors using the brush, which is made of carbon fiber filaments. The other brush is made of nylon bristle strips to get rid of ground-in dirt from carpets. This simply works great in cleaning.

Furthermore, the cleaner head is designed to be wider to get the more surface coverage.
Dyson DC59 reviews also a mini motorized tool for nasty and the hard task like removing dirt and hair from upholstery and more.

Several things appeared to be either redesigned or reconfigured with improvement to provide the best performance while doing the cleaning task, which is added to this Dyson DC 59 review.

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The battery is quite powerful to give you the proper amount of cleaning timing. It comes with completely fade-free power designed to give you the run-timer. This run-time is being controlled by enhancing trigger: on/off switch.

Well, the battery provides complete power for being the nickel manganese cobalt battery which is re-engineered and customized to offer you the absolutely efficient power while doing the cleaning task.
It has also the combo tool which is convertible from the nozzle to a brush. The brush tool is designed to the dusting and crevice tool for tight, narrow spaces in the corner or anywhere. It is pretty convenient to use while vacuuming.

Dyson DC59 review popular for another brilliant feature; the detachable wand and tools doing the cleaning up top, down below and in-between. This is quite handy and useful, because you can use this even for car and boat.
Overall, Animal cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson DC59 series stands as one of the best vacuum machine with powerful technology and the best performance.

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Benefits and Specifications for Animal

Cordless, picks more dust and perfect cleaning
3 times faster suction power, works great
DC59 is powered by Dyson Digital motor V6
Two tier Radial Cyclones for every floor type

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Convenient to use
Great battery life
Very light and good performance
Wheels get jammed by hair
Attachments bit hard to align
Dyson DC59 Motorhead

Dyson DC59 Review for motorhead

Dyson DC59 review has another powerful vacuum cleaner which is special for motorhead and cordless feature. We just have come up by the DC59 Animal, but this one is 75% more powerful than the former one.

Engineered and designed with quite powerful and efficient technologies and tools for the best performance of cleaning task. This includes fade-free power, Docking Station, Motorized tool, powerful battery with run-time enhancing trigger and much more.

Dyson DC59 review for  Motorhead

cordless vacuum cleaner with perfect set-up action quality. This vacuum is cordless and Digital Slim machine. It is easy to use and simple to maintain for every cleaning task.

The function of this cleaner is sort of targeted to remove dirt and dust from hard floors, carpets and some other areas.

The engineers from Dyson industry used the powerful direct-drive motor in the cleaner head to maximize the power of suction. Dyson digital motor V6 delivers three times faster spinning speeds than other motors, which provides 50% extra power.

The motor is quite powerful in performance but light in weight that gives the versatile usage from floor to ceiling. Overall the motor is great in work especially for the power of suction which has been improved enough.

Motorhead cordless vacuum cleaner floor carpet

In the cleaner head, they set two different brush bar: nylon bristles to do the deeper cleaning from gound-in-dirt, and ultra-fine, anti-static carbon fiber filaments to get rid of fine dust from hard floors.This is wider in size so that it can cover more space while cleaning. It also comes with extra tools for specialized cleaning.

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Dyson DC59 has the Motorhead Technology which provides absolutely easy edge-to-edge cleaning solution on any surfaces. In fact, you can get easy access under the low furniture. Well, for smooth steering, it contains V-Ball technology.

Dyson DC59 reviews 2 tier Radial cyclones for both Animal and Motorhead. Here, this technology works to maximize the suction power to capture more dine dust, and it works great.

Radial cyclones for both Animal and Motorhead

Using Motorhead cordless vacuum cleaner, you will be able to do the cleaning even inside the car and boat, a balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning.
Dyson DC59 reviews re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery for Motorhead cordless vacuum cleaner to provide fade-free power from usual task to difficult tasks.
It comes with extra tools like the mini motorized tool for removing hair and dirt from upholstery and small areas. And the feature docking station is designed to do the charging. In addition, run-time enhancer triggers to provide complete cleaning solution.

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Benefits and Specifications for Motorhead

75% extra brush bar power than the DC59 Animal
Powerful Dyson Digital V6 motor
@ tier Radial Cyclones, Dyson patented technology
Perfectly balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning
Longer cleaning duration

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Extremely lightweight for easy cleaning, fantastic on stairs
Easy and simple manageability
Great for even car cleaning
Lacks attachments storage
Does not stand as upright


In conclusion, Dyson DC59 review has two different but very efficient cordless vacuum cleaner with powerful Dyson patented technology. Both Animal and Motorhead vacuum cleaners work great in cleaning. But it seems Motorhead holds 75% more power than Animal one.
Overall, I will recommend both vacuum cleaner as a worth buying vacuum cleaner for your required cleaning solution.

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